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The Residential Complex is located in Dalma Gardens, adjacent to Leningradyanstreet, on the road leading to Noy district, between Leningradyan Street and Monte Melkonian Street (near Yerevan Park). You can find the map here.

Version1 – You can approach from Leningradyan-Metsarents intersection (road leading to Noy district) by turning left.

Version2– It is planned to build a new road from Monte Melkonian Street to the Luyser Residential Complex. Currently, according to our information, this road is in the designing phase.
You can find a map describing the two options on our website

The Residential Complex consists of four buildings: two of them are 18-floor buildings, and two are 16 floor buildings. It is planned to build three floors of underground parkings in all buildings for a total of 404 cars.

The first constructed building is a 16-floor one.

The total area is 12,200 square meters, of which only 3000 square meters will be used for constructing buildings, the rest is for landscaping and gardening, including fountains, playgrounds and various zones for leisure and relaxation.

It is important to note that the cars will not be allowed to enter the yard area.

The apartments have stained glass windows (from ceiling to floor), that's why apartments easily get lots of natural sunlight. Moreover, 4 out of 7 apartments on each floor have double-glazed windows. In addition, the buildings were positioned based on the results of a thorough shadow analysis, which was carried out to ensure maximum light penetration in all buildings. Shadow analysis is the study of how an opaque object's shadow affects the surrounding environment based upon the sun's position (time of day), and the time of year.

The distance between A-B and C-D buildings is 26 m (the minimum requirement by construction standards is 24 meters), in addition, the buildings have a checkerboard pattern allocation. And A-C և B-D buildings are at a distance of 38-40 m from each other.

You can get study the location of the buildings on the website. The complex consists of four separate buildings. 60% of the apartments will have a view to Mount Ararat.

Yes, the buildings have an energy efficiency certificate provided by the United Nations Green Program, which was given especially for the windows and thermal insulation of external walls (you can learn more about them in our Gallery section).

The developer company is "Luyser" CJSC. The founders of the company have many years of experience in the field of finance and construction. You can find the founding documents of the company on our website.

The architect of the Residential Complex is “Storaket” architectural studio. Storaket is the author of many innovative architectural projects both in Armenia and abroad. The company has branches in Moscow and Montreal. More information can be found on their website at

“D & S CONSTRUCTION” is carrying out the construction works. The founder of the company is David Kocharyan, who is the builder of a number of bridges, streets, residential buildings and sport complexes. More information is available on our website.

Construction works commenced in August, 2020.

The Residential Complex is planned to be completed by the beginning of 2024.

In different buildings and in different apartments the prices are different and are shown in AMD.

In total 410 parking spaces will be built in the Residential Complex. The price varies from 7,000,000 - 10,500,000 AMD.

A differentiated price is not provided for different parts of the apartment. The balcony area has the same pricing policy.

Please contact our office at +374 44306030 for details.

A reservation contract can be concluded only if the right to purchase agreement is expected to be signed no later than within one month.

There are 1-4 room apartments. It is also possible to combine adjacent apartments to get more rooms. You can find the apartment plans on our website.

The apartment sizes vary from 44 to 185 square meters, and it is possible to get larger apartments by combining adjacent apartments.

In the version suggested by the architect, which was designed with the principle of more efficient usage of the living space, the kitchen and living room are designed in one space.
However, in many apartments it is possible to have a separated kitchen.

The ceiling hight is 3 meters.

The apartments will be given into exploitation including the following works: leveled floor, placed exterior windows (with aluminum profiles, double-layer energy-efficient glass), exterior door, doors leading to balconies, inner walls, interior walls plastering, tiled and renovated balconies. With additional fee, it is also possible to have the apartment fully renovated. There are several price offers for renovation.

Yes, if price of the apartments is below 55 million AMD.

Current mortgage contract terms are:

  • mortgage prepayment is minimum 10% ( in the case of an additional collateral it is possible to reduce the prepayment up to 0%)
  • interest rate for a loan in AMD starting from 11% and in USD from 9,5%
  • the loan repayment period is up to 20 years

Yes, we can provide you with preliminary advice, as well as contact information of responsible employees in banks cooperating with us.

Reservation fee is 1 000 000 AMD. The apartment reservation agreement gives the buyer the right to purchase the selected apartment within one month according to the terms of the reservation agreement.

When payment is made in installments, the following scheme is suggested:

For buildings A, B, D

Step 1․ After the Agreement on the right to purchase immovable property in a building under construction is signed the buyer shall pay 50% of the value of the apartment to the seller's bank account.

Step 2․ Not later than July 1st, 2023, the buyer transfers 50% of the value of the apartment to the seller's bank account.

For building C

After the Agreement on the right to purchase immovable property in a building under construction is signed the buyer shall pay 100% of the value of the apartment to the seller's bank account.

The conditions for cancellation of a booking are set out in details in the booking agreement. The reservation may be cancelled by the buyer in the cases specified in the contract if the developer violates the terms of the contract. Otherwise, the reservation fee will not be refunded to the buyer.

If the mortgage agreement is signed with our partnering bank, and the customer complies with the requirements of that bank, a secondary colletreal is not required. For other banks, please, study their mortgage terms.

No, the current minimum price of our apartments exceeds the required price under the program.

Our partner banks are Armswissbank, Byblos Bank, Evokabank, ID Bank, HSBC bank, Global Credit.

The service will include general security of the Residential Complex, cleanliness of common use areas and parking spaces, operation and maintenance of elevators, maintenance of green zones, garbage removal and lighting. The service fee is 300 AMD per sqm.

No, there will be no central heating system.

No, there is no centralized cooling system in the buildings.

The seismic resistance of buildings is more than 9 points.

The building will have only stained glass windows. The windows will be equipped with the best profiles available on the market with multifunctional double-sided glazing. They are the most heat-resistant glass currently in existence, providing heat saving during the winter months, and are protected from the sun's UV rays during the summer months. All rooms will have windows that can be opened.

It should also be noted that all non-stained glass walls will be covered with the best sound-insulating materials.

Yes. There will be such services in the neighborhood. .

The nearest bus stop is just 300 meters away from Luyser.

Three elevators produced by the Swiss company "Schindler" will be installed in each building. The elevators have already been purchased, and service contract has been signed with the supplier company.

There will be maximum 7 apartments on each floor. All plans of the floors can be found on our website.

The exterior walls of the building will be overlaid with white stone (Limestone).

The apartment layouts are designed to fit the following appliances and furniture in every apartment:

• Refrigerator
• Washing machine
• Dishwasher
• Gas stove
• Heating boiler
• Air Conditioner
• Bed
• Wardrobe
• Sofa
• Dining table


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